244 - The Enthusiasm For The Midterms Is Big...For Republicans, Bi-partisanship Drops Claire McCaskill and My Producer The Homecoming King

October 4th, 2018 · 40 mins 48 secs

About this Episode

Tony Katz always says you should never put your faith in just one poll. When it comes to the latest information showing that Democrats enthusiasm for the midterms is waining, yet GOP enthusiasm is growing, Tony connects all the dots to spell out what the election might look like.

A GOP senator refuses to allow Democrat Sen. Claire McCaskill (MO) to use his likeness in a TV ad that claims she is bi-partisan. Why? Because, as he says it, she's extremely partisan.

Republican senators were doxxed by a Democratic intern. We now know his identity, and all the people he worked for. And Producer Ari was Homecoming King.