243 - Dr. Ford's Testimony Has Hurt Her Case Against Brett Kavanaugh, Ted Koppel Levels CNN and Fast Food Is Fine

October 3rd, 2018 · 40 mins 59 secs

About this Episode

Another day in the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation battle, and new information shows the testimony of Dr. Christine Ford may not be accurate. Specifically? She went into great detail about a second door being installed in the home; that it was done because she feels claustrophobic since her alleged incident with Kavanaugh. As it turns out, that door was installed in 2008, not 2012, and was most likely installed to accomodate a second business being run out of the home and not her "claustrophobia."

Tony Katz also has amazing audio from former newsman Ted Koppel taking CNN's Brian Stelter to task over President Trump's presence being responsible for huge ratings. Stelter disagreed. Strongly. Tony can't understand why.

And a new study says 1 in 3 Americans has fast food at least once a day. But fast food restaurants have been revamping menus for years to accomodate American's healthier eating habits. So, what's the problem?