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About Tony Katz Today

Tony is a writer, speaker and entertainer offering insights on politics, pop culture and life. He is heard mornings on 93.1FM WIBC in Indianapolis, and growing reginonally on his recently syndicated mid-day program, Tony Katz Today.

Tony's wide range of opinions and observations focuses on right vs wrong, not right vs left. He is a sought after speaker, appearing at venues in Washington DC, Los Angeles, Houston and cities large and small across the nation. With a background in sales, restaurants and construction, Tony understands what it's like to work, and what it's like to meet a payroll. Tony is not a "radio guy," Tony is the American Dream.

Opposed to all types of political correctness, Tony eats steak, smokes cigars, drives trucks and believes bedrooms are no place for government. If you offer him a cigar, chances are he'll talk to you for a while.

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