225 - The IRS Pays The Tea Party, School Shooting Stats Get Slammed, Roseanne Will Die and Fortnite Issues

August 28th, 2018 · 40 mins 59 secs

About this Episode

The IRS came to a $3.5 million settlement with Tea Party groups they purposefully and wilfully held up from getting tax-exempt status. Tony Katz thinks this is a good start, but it would be better if Lois Lerner and John Koskinen had to pay personally.

The Department of Education had some extremely high numbers about the amount of school shootings in America. When NPR investigated - yes. NPR! - they discovered the numbers are far lower than being reported. The question is why?

ABC is going forward with Roseanne without Roseanne, renaming it The Conners. But Tony questions the rumor that the plan is to kill off the Roseanne character.

Oh, and playing Fortnite on the Nintendo Switch is nearly impossible!