208 - Sanctions For Iran, Chicago Should Take This One Risk And $25 For Your Baby

August 7th, 2018 · 40 mins 57 secs

About this Episode

President Donald Trump has new sanctions for Iran, including the warning to the world that if you work with Iran you can't work with the United States. Tony Katz discusses the importance of remembering what kind of nation Iran is, and the big difference between its leadership and its people.

Over 60 people were shot, and 12 were killed in Chicago over the weekend. When do we start discussing the culture underneath that leads to this violence? "White kids shoot in schools, and the majority of shootings on the street are by black kids and men," says Tony. "There is something cultural to both of these things...maybe we should talk about it so we can, you know, fix it."

And with a big election coming for Mayor in Chi-Town, maybe residents can try this one idea that just might make a difference.

Oh, and a woman had an emergency C-Section without any pain meds. She's suing the hospital, which tried to make it right with a $25 gift card to the gift shop.