Turning Point's Alex Clark Responds to MMFA Attack, Supports Women Making Traditional Choices

Episode 1764 · June 6th, 2022 · 12 mins 13 secs

About this Episode

Alex Clark, host of "Poplitics" and contributor to Turning Point USA, spoke with Tony about the article from leftist attack group Media Matters about the TPUSA Young Women's Leadership Summit."

The piece starts with the headline, "Turning Point USA conference for young women leaders suggests their role is to get married and have babies."

Clark did not back down from the article, which she called hilarious. She spoke about the "design" of women, and how having children and raising a family is something valuable and worthy.

On Twitter, Clark mocked the article:

is FURIOUS that #YWLS2022 told young conservative to get married and have a lot of babies to save America throughout the conference. While the left is aborting their future generations, we’re getting to work. Look what you made us do. 🇺🇸