232 - The Case Against Kavanaugh, Amazon Is Taking Bribes For Good Reviews and Bill Kristol Wants To Replace Donald Trump


September 17th, 2018

40 mins 58 secs

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Tony Katz goes over the allegations against SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh. He is accused of forcing himself on a girl when he was 17; the girl was 15 at the time. Tony wonders how America will view these kinds of allegations.

A baggage handler in Spain is caught on camera stealing a speaker out of a passenger's luggage, confimring the suspicions of every traveller in the world. Amazon employees are being bribed $2,000 to change bad reviews on their site, and are selling data to Chinese users.

And The Weekly Standard's Bill Kristol wants to find a candidate to run against President Trump in 2020. His dream choices right now? Sen. Ben Sasse, Sen. Jeff Flake and Ohio Gov. John Kasich.